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Here, you can request a set of custom adopts if you don't like the current ones I have.
The base number is 3, but if you want more than 3 made, please specify. You get one for free, and the rest for half price.
Just tell me a theme (Ex. Music, Blue, Fruit, Diamonds, Females,ect) and I will work on it ASAP.

(Will add better references when applicable.)
Also specify if you don't mind bases or not.
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Color Scheme: (doesn't have to be specific)

Theme: (If applicable)

Misc: (Tell me what else you want on your pony. Ex: Necklace, Markings)

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I gave that up years ago what are you doing Khloe?! 

I was super bored, and I think "blank x reader" fanfiction is stupid but I think I'm being a hater. So I decided to try it out. I think I just hate it when it's with real people. 

You stand impatiently at the door, wondering where the silly mare could be. She said she’d be there at 10, but it was already almost 10:30 according to your watch,and she was nowhere in sight. You didn’t want to worry too much, because she tends to do these kinds of things all the time, yet you couldn't help yourself from doing so. Just being in the Everfree Forest put you on edge, let alone someone you love not showing up on time…
Knowing how you tended to look for the worst in things, you decided to go into the house to try and calm down, even though it was rude to. You were just frightened of things that could happen. 
She said she was going to leave it unlocked for anyway, so you might as well…
As you walk into the cabin style home, the first thing you notice is a boring green couch, to which you go sit on. 
Looking around the house, you can see a tall lamp to your side, a few lounging chairs that match the couch, the TV that’s right in front of you, and an open doorway leading to the small kitchen in the back. You also notice 3 different doors. You just assume that one of them has to be her bedroom, one a bathroom, and one a closet.
"For being a rich mare, she sure doesn't seem to have much in her home." you whisper to yourself, curious as to why she wouldn’t spend her wealth on something more extravagant.  ”She doesn’t even have painting on the walls.”

"She leads a simple life, she’s always been that way."

You flinch after hearing the other pony’s voice, frightened by it. As if things couldn’t get worse, a very tall and large black mass starts to walk towards you, but you can’t really see her too well as she is masked in an icy haze.

"My name is Ice Blade, I live with Artemis."

You shake your head as you look at the very tall ebony mare. The icy haze has cleared and you can see her clearly, noticing her blue mane and eyes now. You finally work up the courage to speak to her. 
"And where exactly is Artemis? She said she’d be here for me at 10, and it’s almost 10:45! And what’s with all the icy fog stuff? " 

The mare cleared her throat, looking at him.
"My apologies. I just don’t expect ponies to randomly walk into my house when I’m showering"

Your cheeks turn red at the thought of accidentally walking in on her shower, you quickly apologizing multiple times to her.
OH! I’m so sorry! I din’t know Arty had roomates…”

"It’s… okay. But, she’s probably off doing some silly stunt or something. she’s never on time."
There is a moment of awkward silence as you look at each other before she speaks again.
"if you don’t mind me, I’ll be taking a walk."
She walks straight out of the door before you can even react. You sigh in confusion as you lean back into the comfortable sofa. The mare didn’t even seem like she cared about Arty, and you were worried sick about her. What if she encountered an Cockatrice when coming back to see you? 
What if she was attacked by a Chimera? Or worse, a Manticore? 
You then started to wonder if she was actually somewhere out there, hurt and injured, and needed help? And you’re just sitting there on her couch, uninvited. There were so many things in the Everfree she could’ve been attacked by…

As if she knew you were worried about her, she slams the door open, her mane and fur fluffed up and blackened in spots from electric shock. Carrying a bag on her back, She walks in and sighs, the jars inside clinking against each other. You walk over to her, concerned of her condition.

"Hey, did everything go okay? You don’t look so well." 

She sighs again, looking up at you with a gentle smile.

"Oh, I’m fine! You should know by now that this is how I always end up!" 

She chuckles and boops your nose, moving over to a table. Her horn starts to glow as she levitates the jars in her bag onto the table, looking at each one of them for cracks and setting them down carefully. Inside the jars, you can see occasional flashing sparks, their colors ranging from yellows to metallic blues. 
You then realized why she looked so beat up. She had gone lightning hunting again. She couldn’t resist doing every SINGLE time the weather pegasi forcasted a thunderstorm. 

"Sorry I was late, as you can see I was a bit busy." 
She smiles again, a small chuckle escaping from her. Though she is chuckling, you can tell the mare’s in pain and exhausted. 

"W-Why don’t you lay down on the couch? You look so tired and hurt."

She chuckled louder this time, looking at you while she climbs onto her couch. 
"You know I work as a gladiator right? I think I’m capable enough to handle myself… Buuut, don’t mind if I do."

She nestles and curls up in a ball, using her magic to heal the burn marks on her and grabbing a brush so she doesn’t look like such a mess. As she is brushing her mane, she asks you a question.

"How have you been doing? it’s been forever since we’ve seen each other!"

"Oh, I’ve been great! It has been such a long time!" 
Your voice shakes as you respond, watching her as she brushes her beautiful ruby colored hair. You wanted to tell her how worried you were about her, but you decided not to, mainly because you couldn’t work up the courage to say anything.

"Anything else new?" She says, tilting her head

As if you were possessed, you suddenly decided to tell her how you really felt.
"I was so worried about you!!! I thought you had been picked up and snagged by something! There was no way I could contact you or anything, and I was just so worried that something ha-"

Your words were cut short as the mare placed one of her gentle hooves on your mouth, stopping you right in your tracks. She leaves it there for a moment before she softly whispers, looking you straight in the eyes.

"you don’t. ever. need to worry about me. I will always be fine. I will always find a way to get out of a situation." 

She nods afterwards, her ears flopping over as she pulls you closer to her. "I understand why you would be worried about me, but really. there’s no need to worry about me." She nuzzles you softly to assure you that she is okay

You turn bright red as she nuzzles you, staying silent for an awkward amount of time before responding.
"I know I shouldn’t worry, I just do. It’s so hard not to worry about you when you live such a stressful, adventurous life."

She sighs, inviting him on the couch. you start to become bright red again, exhaling through your nostrils as you climb onto the couch and lay down. 
When you got comfortable, she lays her head onto you, looking at you and yawning.

"You’re such a freaking worrier. I’m fine, I always will be."

You feel like your cheeks are going to explode from redness. A mare that you admire is LAYING on you, talking to you. You sigh again, being extremely nervous. 
"I just…"

She shushes him again, sighing.

" It’s okay. Let’s just take a nap together. Our heads should be clear afterwards."

You look at her in silence, shocked that she’d even offer to let you sleep over at her house with her.

You try to say something but small whimpers are the things that escape your mouth. You sigh again before leaning back against her. She smiles and leans against you, yawning again and closing her eyes.

a few minutes later, Ice blade walks in, smiling as she sees that both of you fell asleep.


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Commission for Musical-Medic 1/2 by SpiritReaper07

Klobear drawn by the great :iconnekomellow: NekoMellow
Sprites drawn by the impeccable :iconspiritreaper07: SpiritReaper07
Icon drawn by the lovely :iconsaedere: Saedere
Webcam Drawn by the awesome :iconzodiaczero: ZodiacZero

I wanted to list the awesome friends I have that inspire me. ^^

:iconkikokun::iconaquatic-angel: :icondarkhestur::iconpiolet231::iconsaedere:…

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my page! Here is where I post every weird and random thing I draw in a daily basis, or weekly basis depending on how much I want to draw.
This includes:
Metroid Prime
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And many other things.
Contact information:…

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